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Online Customer Retention – Useful Tips

Online Customer Retention – Useful Tips

1. Surprise your Customer

We always look forward to great surprises on special occasions. We all love surprises.

When it comes to nurturing your customers, think of a valuable offer that you can offer them – without their knowledge. Build trust in them to make them visit your EStore or Website during festival seasons.

Surprises come suddenly. They’re not planned. Surprise packages or offers don’t have to cost you a fortune.

Psychologically, scientists say that surprise is good for the brain. It also brings pleasure. It’s the spice of life. Don’t wait until your customers make a request. Step out and surprise them.

Reciprocate good gestures. Surprising your customers will inspire them to leave honest feedback about your product, and brand. Trust me, this is priceless.

Surprising offers make your customers feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Offer your customers free gifts and discounts when they aren’t expecting it. This will definitely change the lens through which they see your business.

2. Set Customer Expectations

Give your customers something to look forward to.

Customer service has gone beyond attending to inquiries and complaints, you also need to meet their expectations – even when you didn’t get their feedback.

But, it’s hard to satisfy someone you barely know. So, get to know your customers intimately. Understand what they desire most, and use these pointers to set expectations.

As you set and meet customer expectations, you’re empowering them. According to the Harvard Business Review, “customers want to be empowered, not controlled. You have to act with empathy.”

One of the ways to set and meet customer expectations is to be honest when making a promise.

As marketing consultant, Roy Hollister Williams puts it, “the first step in exceeding your customers’ expectations is to know those expectations.”

For instance, be conscious of what you promise in your response time and keep to it. If you promise to deliver product 30 minutes after order, just do that.

Better yet, you can deliver in 25 minutes time. You must not go below expectations.

Promise what you can do. Set expectations that you can meet. In the event that you’re not able to meet expectations, apologize and compensate your customers. Compensation is not enough.

3. Build Trust through Relationships

Successful businesses are built on trust. When two people are involved in a business, if there is no trust, the business dies.

And there are only two persons in your business:

You and the customer.

Seeing how important trust is to your business, you’ve to consciously make attempts to promote trust. As you initiate relationship with new and existing customers, you give them the opportunity to trust you.

Ideally, when you’re looking to build trust, use the customer behavior data to deliver enormous value in your product. That way, they will continually nod and accept your recommendations.

According to a new report by EY and Forbes Insights, “marketers should use data to build trust with customers.”

The moment customers discover that you’re not trustworthy, they will switch to your competitors. Nothing scares customers away like bad experience. Worse, they’ll spread the negative news with others.

The commitment of your customers will be firm when trust increases.

A survey conducted by Concerto Marketing Group stated that 83% of customers will recommend your brand to others if they trust the brand. While 82% will stick to your brand if they trust it.

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